Jerry Attento, RICP®, AIF®

Financial Advisor

For over 15 years Jerry Attento has worked to build a financial services practice that focuses both on the planning needs of business owners, as well as individual financial planning. The role of a financial professional has changed tremendously over the past decade.  Whereas once the general knowledge a professional delivered was most valuable, today virtually anything is just a "search" away. With all this readily accessible information, business owners and professionals need someone to cut through the noise and provide timely and relevant recommendations based on their unique situation. His client's goals and dreams are the starting point for all conversations, and all ideas and strategies emanate from there. Jerry's core values create relationships built on mutual understanding and respect. By focusing on the clients' goals along with a personalized service model, the objective is to build lifetime clients and friends.

The decision to retire is one of most difficult and financially impactful decisions of our lifetimes. It is not just a mathematical decision, it's an emotional one as well. A good financial plan must begin a detailed cash flow analysis, and then a careful study of assets, liabilities, goals and objectives. As professionals we recognize the weight of the guidance we provide and we understand the decision to retire may be irreversible.

A business owners' priority is running their company; however, they recognize the value of implementing strategies to reward, retain, recruit (and even help retire) employees? What's the right retirement plan strategy, 401(k), SIMPLE or SEP IRA, Defined Benefit Plan, Non-Qualified Plans or something else? What option will both fit within the company budget but also achieve the intended benefits? These are the fundamental questions that drive the process.

Pulles and Attento Wealth Management was established in 2019 to broaden the overall value proposition to both existing and future clients. With a combined 40 years' experience, Robert Pulles and Jerry Attento- Managing Partners, put client experience continually at the forefront of their work, and investments in technology and support capabilities, Pulles & Attento Wealth Management is working to ensure they are positioned to meet the demands of a rapidly changing environment.  


Jerry lives in Aventura, FL with his wife Maria and three kids- Sergio, Gianna, and Marco.

Professional Licenses: Series 6,7,24,63,65
Professional Designations: RICP®, AIF®
Education: Bachelor's degree in Business, FIU

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